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THE QUEEN’S needs a qualified English teacher immediately


THE QUEEN’S needs a qualified English teacher immediately


THE QUEEN’S is an ambitious English school whose purpose is to grow capable human resource to the world. Teachers are free from traditional frameworks. The only aim is to develop customers’ demand.Therefore, THE QUEEN’S demands you to be creative, challenging and tolerant. Come on, join us and enjoy!


THE QUEEN’S expects candidates to teach English your own way based on your certificated knowledge and experience, to chat at the salon in order to develop customers’ speaking ability, and to broaden your horizons in Japan through not only customers but also visiting various places.


Candidates must have TESOL or CELTA or equivalent qualification If you don’t have enough experience, you need a certain training period at THE QUEEN’S. Candidates must have at least BA degree due to work visa requirement.
Candidates also must have experience with children and teaching very young learners. Our students range in age from 1 year old. As such young learners qualification would be desirable.
Only candidates who meet the above criteria will be considered for the position.

<<<Job Description>>

Teachers’ working hour is 8 hours which lead to 40 hours a week and
teaching hour a day is up to 6 hours.Teaching hour is various in a week; however, it is up to 6 hours a day including outside teaching, which our staff takes you to working places.
The rest working hours are to be not only for your preparation time but also chatting with customers at the salon.
We have the cosy salon open to all the customers for their English practice but not for the lessons.
This means that the customers want to talk and absorb some knowledge from native speakers, because they rarely have chances to have conversation in English in their daily lives in Japan.
I hope you can accept this company philosophy.

The working day is from Tuesday to Saturday which means that Sundays and Mondays are off.


THE QUEEN’S provide gross 250,000 yen per month including rent, gas, electricity, and water + 25 paid holidays.
For visa concern, we are quite happy to change your tourist visa to working visa at the immigration office.
We are happy to grant you a coming air ticket up to 55,000 yen subject to six month completion. Of course, at the end of one year working visa, we promise to give you a return ticket!!
We offer you flexible holiday scheduling with request in advance.
You can contact our teachers for further information.

<<< caution >>>

Any free-mail is not available for both benefit.

<<<Contact Information>>>

2-47-2 Ebisucho, Ohtsuku, Himeji, Hyogo, 671-1136, JAPAN
tel: +81 (0)79 230 4181
email: Skype: osamu.thequeens


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